Dialogue at BAC
"Political theatre never really changed anything
but we still breathe togethe"

"Repeat what we've just said
and you'll likely end up dead"

"When the Lions drink, London will sink.
When it's up to their manes, we'll go down the drains.
When the water's been sucked,
you can be sure we're all..."

"I want to say that I think we should all try
and take a bit more time in our lives,
should slow down, look up and breath in."
"Simple. Come out, turn left, up lavender hill,
You will see red boxes sticking outside of a building."
"It’s 40,000 years overdue and if it did.
The whole planet would be in darkness for five years."
"We are perfect in our imperfections,
stay hopeful, stay patient"
"The best way to start anew is
to fail miserably"
"Certainty, for all that it is prized,
is a dangerous quality"
"Language is the best tool I've got."
"I'm going to set myself a task.
I'm going to try something."
"Born to perform. The drive of your life."