Dialogue at BAC
One of the things the BAC producers asked Dialogue to do in advance of our residency was think about ways of integrating people who use the building as a community centre – for yoga classes, say, or life-drawing sessions, or to take their children to the Bee's Knees playspace – with the theatre-makers and -goers who otherwise fill it.

One idea we had was to create a treasure hunt for the children and their carers, which would start at Bee's Knees and lead them around the building, to enticing places they may not have noticed on previous visits such as The Door To Nowhere In Particular, and introduce them to its residents along the way. We quickly learned that artists already preoccupied by the attempt to make new work, preparing for Scratch showings, or performing each night, will struggle to find the time to create anything additional for a somewhat scatterbrained project. The project floundered.

However, three people were kind enough to offer a contribution, for which we extend heartfelt thanks. Peter McMaster and Andy Field wrote poems, and Sayraphim Lothian crocheted the front of the BAC building as a set of granny squares.

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