Dialogue at BAC
PETER MCMASTER - One Minute Manifesto

One minute manifesto on failure and growth.

The best way to start anew is to fail miserably
Fail at loving
Fail at giving
Fail at creating
Fail at being cool when you smash the pub window by accident with a brick
Fail at getting away with calling the nun who was head mistress of your school a twat and her finding it written on a post it in the hallway outside the canteen
Fail at being attractive when you shit yourself after taking too much ecstacy
Fail at staying in contact with gran before she dies
Fail at being good in bed by falling asleep
Fail at remaining calm in the face of the police
Fail at knowing about the world enough
Fail at reading the room
Fail at going down the wrong alley way or walking through the wrong park
Fail at saying don’t do that, rather than how could you do it differently
Fail at getting away with shoplifting
Fail at beating up the bad guy
Fail at noticing that this is all for the best.
Fail at noticing the spaces that failing creates
The spaces between the error and the recovery.
This is good space.
These are interesting times.

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