Dialogue at BAC
SHELLY HASTINGS - One Minute Manifesto

I want to say that I think we should all try and take a bit more time in our lives, should slow down, look up and breath in. I want to have that feeling of lying flat back on the grass and seeing the vastness of the sky but also feeling very present, connected to the soil – aware of your weight, .Alive and awake. I think we should all wake up and look around a bit more. Start to see things. Give space to ideas we have but dismiss because maybe we think it would take too long. I think we should all make room in our lives for the pointless and the joyful – I think we should shake ourselves down, just dare to let go of what is driving us for a minute and breath out. Write a letter instead of sending an email. Walk instead of getting the train. Pick up the phone instead of sending a text. Go to a place you love and stand still for as long as you can, look around and drink the world in.

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