Dialogue at BAC

Director’s Note, by Amy Draper

This is a project that is close to my heart. I spent a year living in Buenos Aires in 2006 and, as well as falling in love with the country, became fascinated and appalled by its recent political history. Every Thursday the Mothers of the Disappeared still protest peacefully in Plaza de Mayo. They are demanding truth and justice - and their now-iconic white headscarves have become an international symbol for hope and solidarity.

This [was] our second week scratching this idea at BAC. In February we explored which stories might be interesting to tell on stage. Now we are experimenting with the form of the piece – just how to incorporate cabaret artists and live musicians. As a director I am excited by theatre that never forgets it is theatre. I want to tell great and important stories in unusual ways. I want the performer-audience relationship to shift and change.

I'd ask that you imagine you are walking into a tango/cabaret club. It's seen better days but a sense of faded elegance pervades.

Song – La Casa Rosa

I wish to address the problem of the Rio de la Plata
Our experts say, the waterways are filling up with leftist martyrs
And some would claim, that we're to blame
Because we drugged them and pushed them out of aeroplanes
But all we've done, I must explain, was done in our Lord Jesus' name
And you must confess, that it's all for the best
It's alright for the right to get rid of the left

What Peronists call "The systematic rape of a nation"
We call "The Process of National Reorganisation"
The results would speak for themselves you'll admit
Or they would if they could, but they can't because they did,
So if you find yourself asking a few more questions than you ought
Ask yourself this "Are the answers more important than a functioning port?"

At La Casa Rosada
Home of Argentina's fathers
We're making the best, of what's left of you
If you try to stop us
We'll throw you out of helicopters
Drop us and we'll drop you!

Outside La Casa Rosada
Home of Argentina's fathers
We've got a little list, of anti-Christian terrorists
If you defy us
We'll attach your tongue to electric wires
Shock us and we'll shock you!

No one can be wrong if everyone is in the right
No it won't be long, till everyone is in the right
If you know the song, sing everyone is in the right
We'll see who's left at the end of the night

At La Casa Rosada
Home of Argentina's fathers
We say all this death and rape, is for the good of the state
If you don't follow orders
We'll just have to bring in the water boarders
Screw us and we'll screw you

Outside La Casa Rosada
Home of Argentina's fathers
All the little birds are tweeting 'Coup coup coup!'
You can join them, you're welcome
We'll even send a green ford falcon
Specially round for you

At La Casa Rosada
We're the generals of the Junta
Repeat what we've just said and you'll likely end up dead
We'll say this "Rape of a nation"
Is the product of an overactive marxist imagination…
But fuck us and we'll fuck you

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