Residency and Documentation

The texts gathered here were written during and in the weeks following IBT13, the In Between Time International Festival of Performance, which took place in February 2013. As part of the festival, Dialogue co-founder Maddy Costa was engaged as writer-in-residence, to produce work of her own as well as leading and mentoring a team of five emergent writers (plus a couple of youngsters from the Fierce Press Gang). Our work was published on a number of websites, including Exeunt, A Younger Theatre and This Is Tomorrow, and in the Bristol University student newspaper Epigram. Maddy also had a review and a blog post published in the Guardian, but they're not part of this collection.

As part of the writer-in-residence engagement, Maddy was also commissioned by IBT and Live Art UK to produce a document of essays and case studies relating to three pertinent themes in live art: audience participation, artist development, and the siting of live art in the public realm. That document was published in October 2013 and can be read here.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or comments please email Maddy:


-- We See Fireworks
-- Version Control, Gallery 1: Tim Etchells City Changes
-- Untitled (After Violent Incident)
-- Fake Moon
-- Worktable
-- Breathe For Me
-- Between Lands and Longing
-- Dressage
-- Kein Applaus fur Scheisse
-- Lili Handel
-- Art of Begegnung Comes Tomorrow Slowly
-- Reckless Sleepers: A String Section

-- IBT13 Day One
-- Ladies' Nights

-- Are we talking about participation or collaboration?
-- On Participation
-- Can art produce artificial hells?
-- Public art for what it's worth
-- The afterlife of art


Rosemary Wagg is studying for an MA in history of art at Bristol university, and is a writer and editor for the student newspaper Epigram.

George Meredith is a first year undergraduate studying English and drama at Bristol university.

Rasheeda Nalumoso is a dramaturg and producer, and member of the Project Boondock artist collective.

William McCrory is an art critic and curator, and writes for Urban Times.

Kate Kelsall contributes arts writing to the online journal Fourth and Main.

Holly Riddle is part of the Fierce Press Gang, a group of teenage writers invited to experiment with writing about live art, and a student at Wimbledon school of art.

Maddy Costa writes about theatre and music for the Guardian, keeps the blog States of Deliquescence, is critic-in-residence with Chris Goode and Company, and has been working with the production company Fuel on their touring research project New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood.